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Street-Style Matches & Rules

Simply Soccer’s street-style soccer and basketball brings fun and simplicity back to the sports with a match format that combines the joy and player-first approach of a well-run youth league with the creativity, flair and energy of street soccer and hoops played around the world.

Without goalkeepers, offsides, and player-to-player contact, there’s lots of scoring in soccer.  Hoops is chock full of sweet dribbling, creative layups, and deep 3-pointers.

“Play on!” is the norm; the ball is put back in play quickly.   

Street Style Soccer

Trained Playmakers on each court referee a fast, fluid street-style of play. They make the calls, offer coaching, and celebrate successes as well as mistakes to keep the games overflowing with positivity and learning.

Match Format: Run of Play For Non-stop Action

Matches are fast. If you've ever played it, you'll relate to how exhausting and exhilarating even a short match can be.   Your child will have an absolute blast playing.

  • Teams are assigned at random to each court at start and halftime & rotate through short (3-5min) matches.
  • If a team goes down by 2 goals/points, they get an extra player- all games stay close!
  • Winner stays on the court and earns two points. 
  • In a draw, both teams earn a point. A coin toss determines who stays on.  
  • After 3 straight wins, a team gets an extra point, and earns a rest.

Simply Soccer Rules: 

  • No goalkeepers; offsides; or playing the ball while inside the goal box
  • Ball contact only; no shouldering, boxing out, pushing, tripping, slide-tackling, etc.
  • All restarts (after goals, fouls and out-of-bounds) are indirect play-ins.
  • Matches are played on a plastic, all weather outdoor court. Shin guards and flats (not cleats), please.

Simply Hoops Rules: 

  • Half court
  • Games to 11, by 1s; 3-pointers are worth 2 OR 5 minutes- whichever happens first
  • Loser’s outs
  • Call your own fouls; no foul shots
  • Shots that hit rim/backboard must be cleared beyond 3-point line